Scottish Brazilian

Friday, April 29, 2005


So, here it is. The day I have pined for, for almost four weeks. I'm leaving... The dull mediocracy that has brought me down for that peroid is almost over. How absolutely busting am I. At 14:30, approximately 15minutes from now I will walk away from the biomedical industry and into a weeks holiday before starting in my new job... I'm delighted. Absolutely delighted.

So this week is going to be a great relief...

I'm keeping this short, for the reason is I'm cleaning my PC before I go...


Tune of the Day: Kujay Da Da - Young Hearts (Made In Ibiza Mix)

Simply just relfects how I feel today...


Thursday, April 28, 2005

Atom Bomb

One day to go.... Its not even a full day at that, finishing at 2:30.... Nice..

Whats cool though is we're going out for a drink tomorrow night, my workmates and I as a final farewell.. I'll end up getting bladdered and going to the Garage, meet some loose girl, go back to hers, fuck, then ill get up and go to play football in the morning... At least I'm realistic..

Last night my flatmate (without girlfriend) and I went to the pub to see the Chelsea v Liverpool Champions League Semi.. It wasn't the best game I've ever seen. The Milan PSV game from the night before was definitely better. Liverpool will be quite happy with that performance defensively, coming away from Stamford Bridge with a clean sheet. The game next week will definitely be interesting with all to play for, if Chelsea score I reckon the tie will open right up, as Liverpool will need to score two on the away goal rule..

Anyway, after 4 pints in the pub, we returned to the flat, me under the best intentions of going to my bed in order to make work in the morning. But no, it was not to be. We sat and played Pro Evolution Soccer 4 on the Playstation until 2am drinking double vodkas as we went. What was worse was the fact that neither of us won, it ended up a 3 all draw and we were too drunk to continue.... This morning I rose with a lovely mild hangover on five hours sleep, i'll tell you, the 40minute drive here was interesting to say the least. I'm about as useful as a chocolate teapot today, absolutely no motivation nor ability today to perform even simple tasks, which is just as well as I have absolutely feck all to do except sit here and write my blog....

The weekend holds much joy for me, not only tomorrow night, I have the SV Hungover end of season night out on Sunday night after the game. As gaffer, ill be pleased to lift the trophies for second place, but more importantly recieve the £80 bar vouchers for the team to kick start our night. On Saturday i'll have a quiet one, play footy in the morning and then return home to my computer and finish the hard drive change. All is done in terms of installing the hardware, and applying XP and SP2... Just recovering my email and re-installing all my programs, but its pretty simple now.. So i'll be back online by Sat night, for the webcast of my DJ mix.. Now thats the coolest thing. A step towards world domination.... Ahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa.

I'm done..

Tune of the Day: Cardigans - My Favourite Game

I love this track, its old, but get over it. It's still good..